We are eager to welcome you as a local

As the eyes of the world turn to Gällivare and its industries leading the way toward a green transition, we are moving forward more and more rapidly. But still we make time to enjoy coffee with our neighbors, stay for a chat on our way to work, and enjoy the fact that nature is our constant companion wherever we turn. Life here is simpler, yet you have the opportunity to make an incremental difference in the world. So, bring your passion, your dearest pastimes, and your tribe – together we will achieve greatness, and have a lovely time while doing it.

This is Gällivare

The industrial transition

We’re going for "saviors of the planet"!

We aren’t really ones to brag, but if you want to make a difference in the future of the world, Gällivare is a great place to live. The mining industry has taken on the challenge of creating a fossil-free society, and other industries and businesses are eagerly joining the ride. Here, everything is connected, and when we go somewhere we go together.

A new society

We’re building for the people of Gällivare

It gets a bit messy as we remodel the city, building new homes, sports centers, schools, and yes, an entire city center designed for the sole purpose of the locals' well-being. The idea is that life here should continue to be simple and pleasant. While we are at it, we take the opportunity to create more social spaces where people can hang out, and buildings that are not only functional but also adds to the aesthetics of Gällivare.

A sense of community

Our hearts have plenty of space

You might not know this, but Gällivare is actually a myriad of villages, cultures, languages, and people coming together in the spirit of helping one another. We are proud of our community, and eager to welcome you as part of it. Regardless of your background, this is a place to call home. A place where people are curious of getting to know you, and where you can contribute to making it into whatever your heart desires.

A part of nature

Do you want to be close, or even closer?

As you are standing on the top of Dundret (we did mention we have a mountain just on the edge of the city, right?) and gaze towards the horizon, Gällivare appears quite modest. Beyond the center, villages and countryside spread out, and then it is just extensive and monumental nature. Views dominated by mountains, forests, and marshlands wide as oceans. But this is also our playground, our back yard. When we’re not at work, chances are this is where you’ll find us. Just around the corner from our home.


Your first point of contact in Gällivare

If you are thinking about relocating to Gällivare, even if you just feel the slightest tingle of curiosity – do not hesitate to reach out. Our relocation guide makes sure that future locals get a helping hand in overcoming any hurdles on the way. So, whatever you need to get those wheels in motion, please let us know.

Business services

Entrepreneur? We’ll help you relocate or start a new business

This place is really booming, and with that comes a high demand for goods and services. Gällivare Näringsliv is a dedicated organization to helping businesses set up, develop, and flourish locally. Whatever you may need, our time and network are at your disposal.

Find your future job!

Most available positions in Gällivare can be found on MindDig, a platform where you also can submit your CV for your future employer to find. And if you can’t find your dream job or a suitable gig for your potential relocation partner, let us know and we’ll let the whole city know they should be on the lookout.

Job opportunities
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What are you waiting for?

Gällivare is a magical place filled with adventure, community, culture, and soul. Here you will find local delicacies as well as breathtaking nature and outdoor experiences. Skiing and mountain hiking is just around the corner – up on the mountain you can see almost a tenth of Sweden’s landmass, Kebnekaise and the world heritage site Laponia included. Come visit and see for yourself!